Don't avoid pain.

I recently had a realization. For the past ten or so years I have been really working on improving myself. I have a tendency to be anxious and depressed. I would question why I felt this way even when I seemingly had everything a person could want. I had my health, family, a good job, a house, working vehicles. I made enough money that I didn’t have to decide which bill I was going to let go past due each month. But I still couldn’t help from feeling like a failure. I constantly felt like I just needed one more thing and my life would really start. Maybe that next job would make me happy. Maybe getting married, having kids, or finishing my bachelor degree would do it. I have done hypnotherapy, float tanks, medication, meditation, read self-help books, exercised, did yoga, and everything else I could find to try to get rid of this pain I felt inside me. Nothing made it go away until I learned to lean into the pain.

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